Company Profile

Digitalcomoedia is an Innovative SME operating in the field of advanced digital content creation, related user systems, and the design and development of applications based on cutting edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twin (DT).

One of the company’s distinguishing features is the complementary nature of its expertise, which enables it to cover the entire production chain, from the creative stages to experience design.

Using proprietary tools, Digitalcomoedia creates innovative multimedia platforms and solutions, for product and corporate video, eLearning & Training, Maintenance, Simulation, Marketing & Sales, Cultural Heritage. The use of the Gaming Paradigm, even in areas like enterprise, eLearning and Training, allows for a more efficient creation of Digital Characters and Worlds, defined Digital Actors, the creation of shared interactive environments and a very natural User Experience.

The paramount value of the applications developed by Digitalcomoedia can be traced back to integration between technologic equipment, advanced content, creative direction and experiential platform.

All the market solutions and sales are proposed to international enterprise high-end technology markets and in key sectors related to the following fields:

– Industry 4.0
– Aerospace and Defence
– Entertainment
– Cultural Heritage

The company’s activity is split in 4 Business Units to ensure the coexistence of all the fundamental aspects necessary in every Next Generation Digital Experience creation:

– Uanema Entertainment Creativity and Storytelling
– iEngine User and VR Experience, and Advanced Visual Computing technology
– Digital Actor Ultimate and Alive Digital Content
– iLearning Advanced Interactive Education
– ELO Extended LabOratory User Experience and Visual Engineering Research and Development


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